June 20

How To Help Stop Child Abuse

5 Children Will Die Today Because of Abuse and Neglect

ChildOne of the most common mistakes is that a lot of people don’t report suspected child abuse and neglect. If  you suspect it then go ahead and report it. If you are a child reading this and you are being abused then report it in. Matter of fact, if you are an adult reading this then report it. Now, the best place to report child abuse is the National Child Abuse Hotline number: That is 1-800-4-A-CHILD.  You can call then anonymously. There will be certified counselors there to help you with deciding on whatever the next step to take is.


Hindsight is 20/20

How many times have you heard someone say something like “I thought something was going on over there at that house.” Or, something like, “That child always looked sad and I knew something was wrong with him.” We always seem to know things in “hindsight.” But, now is the time to be proactive. You could save a life!

You may not want to report a neighbor a teacher or someone else you might know. But, you can do it without them knowing with the above hotline number. If you are wrong about it then that is okay. If they are not abusing their child or someone else’s child then they will be cleared. But, what if you intuition is right? Could you possibly save a child from a life of abuse and even their life? Think about which is more important. 


Can You Be A Helpful Neighbor?

If you are uncertain whether or not they might be abusing their child then maybe you could first help that neighbor,  friend, or even your relative.They could be under a lot of stress and could be overworked and their patience has just been almost depleted, but with these types of emotions, if gone unabated, they can lead to many regrettable decisions done by a parent or a babysitter or whoever might be watching the child.


If someone you know is having a rough time that is probably a big clue right there that he or she might need a break. To a very stressed out parent even kind small acts of kindness and gestures can mean a lot to them.

Also, we all get a little stressed at times and that of course doesn’t mean that they are abusing their children. Just think though, with a little help from someone that may help them in becoming the parent they want to really be. 

Be there for a child it could save their life!

Happiness to All!


June 18

Stop Child Abuse


Stop Child AbuseIf you have come to a page to see abused children then this not the place you want to be. I am here to stop child abuse. The motto of this site is “No More Child Abuse Now.” I will not be putting pictures of children on this site that have been abused, beaten, and neglected. This site is promoting to stop abusive situations and also how to hopefully prevent child abuse before it even occurs.


Keep an Eye On Your Child!

I have products here that can help you to “keep an eye” on your child while they are in the care of another person. I will be listing resources that you can use to identify whether you child may be being abused and what to look for in an abuse situation that may be going on in a child’s life you may know.


Open Your Eyes As the Saying Goes!

I am hoping that this site will make as many people as possible to open their eyes and see what is going on in your own home, neighborhood, schools, and many other places. If you have any comments or ideas then please feel free to leave a comment. 

Happiness For All,