August 3

Your Baby’s Emotions

Monthly Guide of Possible Baby Emotions!

I say “possible baby emotions” because as we know each of our children is a unique human being and they will do things at different age levels. I will list here some of the most common ones. 

11 day old babyIn the first month your baby will start to make eye contact and of course we will all get familiar with their cries of help from “I’m hungry,” to “I need my diaper changed,” and we soon get used to those. Also, during this time they can start to respond to smiles and of course your voice. There are many studies proven that an infant can hear even in the womb.


In the second month your baby will start to have a social smile and will respond to your voice. They will also like to play with you and other people and when it stops they might even cry. It seems at this time they prefer people faces rather than objects. They also will start to do their own little “coos” and “gurgles” to sounds that around them. Also, at this time it seems this is when they can begin to express some anger!


In the third month they can start their own type of conversation by either smiling at you or doing that “gurgling sound” in hopes to get your attention. He or she will also smile back and you when you are smiling at them. Now, the big smile the total smile will involve the whole body. Your baby may kick and move their legs and will open hands real wide and lift those arms up too!


baby laughingIn the fourth month they will start to notice other children and are very interested in other little babies. They will laugh when they are tickled and also when in the company of others. At this time they could also start to cry if they are interrupted in their play time.


In the fifth month that sweet little baby can start to become more assertive. They will like to play with their meal and during their meal. During this time they can also start to know more faces of family members and other siblings. They also know a stranger and may shy away from them.


In the sixth month they love your attention but they could possibly get tired of a toy very quickly. Now is the time you will start to understand your baby’s temperament. Are they going to be a baby that gets upset easily, maybe a very active baby, or is your baby going to be gentle or very active. At this time you can call them by their name and they will respond.


In the seventh month you can now start to say the word “no” and they will understand you. They are starting to turn into a little social butterfly. Also they will start to try to mimic what you say. They could also start to express anger more at this time too!


Sister and babyIn the eighth month they will start to cry with frustration when they don’t get what they want such as a toy or may get upset when they can’t do what they want to do. they will also be shy around strangers. During this time they are starting to notice the familiar faces and things around them.


In the ninth month they will start to imitate. Kinda like “monkey see, monkey do” type of behavior. You can show them a picture of a book and they will recognize it. When looking in a mirror they will give kisses and smiles. Also, they like to be more closer around you at this time and they become very aware of other children around them.


12 month old babyIn the tenth month they will start to show moods of being happy or sad, and even when they are angry. When clapping your hands they will respond to this as a positive in their life. During this time is when they also don’t like to be separated and may show some anxiety about that. This could also be the beginning of their self-esteem.

In the eleventh month
they will start wanting your approval at this time so a lot of extra hugs and kisses help with that. They also start to get a little uncooperative at this stage too!


In the twelfth month they may start to be cooperative one moment and the next moment be very uncooperative. They might throw their little body around on the floor and have a really good temper tantrum too!  At this time they may start to cling to one parent more than the other. Also, their sense of humor will be developing.


Hope this has been of some help to you!


Love Yah!


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